How I lost 0.12 USD to ticked fraud

RAMMSTEIN-VEROEFFENTLICHEN-RAMMSTEIN-IN-2In August 2019 there will be a Rammstein concert here in Oslo, and of course the tickets were sold out in no time at all… so in short no tickets for me :/ But a couple of days ago a friend of mine told me that someone on Facebook is selling four tickets to that exact concert. So, my wife and I contacted someone that claimed to be a student called Magnus Lie with the email address

Magnus turned out to be really friendly kind of guy, offering to help us set up an account with for secure money transfer, and he claimed using would keep both parties happy and safe from fraud (and other evil things) He was even asking some control questions about our setup, just to keep us safe and secure (very nice of him to ensure that we don’t get tricked).

PicsArt_11-30-05.26.19So, when we were setup and ready to go he told us to just go ahead and transfer the money to and he would make the necessary arrangements on his side.  Paranoid as we both are we did a quick google search on “” , a search that gave no relevant hits. I also decided to do a quick test transfer on to see what happened. Well it turned out that Mr Lie seemed to have an alias a Mr Uday Daas. So, when we asked Magnus (or Uday) who Uday Daas was he went silent for some minutes (suspect that the number of minutes reflects the time needed to setup a new Gmail and Skrill account..” – Oh, he said. did you use the correct email address? did you use And that was the end of that trade.

It seems to be a common trade/weakness with fraudsters that they are just way to helpfull, and since I’m a Norwegian, my spider sense starts tingling when people are service minded… its just not right 🙂

And Magnus\Uday please don’t spend the 0.12 USD, you got from me, on candy. Make sure you put it your piggy bank so you can save it for someting nice….