“On the Air”

PicsArt_03-18-09.28.22 So its time to try and learn something new, this time around I will throw myself out into the world of podcasting to see if this is something that I can master.  Podcasting… I mean how hard  cant it be? Isn’t just to sit down and talk “bullshit” with some friends… Well I suspect that is not the case (from what I hear) .. After watching countless tutorials on Youtube and convinced some friends an colleges that this is something that they  should try with me, we are almost ready to create our first pilot episode, to see where it takes us.

Your blog is futile


Futile? Yes, it probably is. It will not bring me millions in revenue, it will not get me invited to speak at huge global events, not even a little TED talk, nor will it save the world from the ever increasing threat from cyber crime it will not even get me famous at my workplace or within my own familiy. And most likly the only steady reader will be my self and some bots doing content indexing.

So why do I then write and try to maintain this blog? Well to me its about two, uhm no, three things, and they are all a bit selfish to be honest.

  1. Improve my writing skills.
  2. Motivation to learn more stuff
  3. Build an online presense that I own and control.

The third one is probably the most important. You might make the argument that building your own brand never have been so easy with the potiential given to you by Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, snapchat and linkedIn (++). But to be honest, to me it seems that sticking only to those types of communication platforms carries a risk of suddenly disappearing after programmer tweaks an algoritm or the legal department at LinkedIn decides to change their terms of use.

Don’t get me wrong, the mainstream social media channels are very good, and when used correctly they are extremly powerfull. But for people like me that not neccessary qualifies as communication experts it is not always easy to identify what message goes to what channel.. and sometimes I don’t want to bother all of my 37 twitter followers, my facebook friends nor my LinkedIn collegues with my scribblings that not always makes any sense at all.

Also, after googling my own name, I realised that the only pages with content generated by my self are some really bad homepages from the late 1990’s. So its time to push the sorry excuse for a homepage further down on the page rankings.

And… yes.. I wish to be able to post a photo of the “nipple tweeking sisters” if want to, without Zuckerberg and friends getting all puritanistic (is that even a word?) and remove my post because it contains a body part that for some reasion is very scary for americans.


So Futile, in the sense of saving and changing the world, but futile for me? hopefully not