The little green box

AS8033-377x228When walking around in office buildings that are protected by expensive electronic locks, requiring to swipe your access badge to be able to get in (or out), you have probably also noticed a little green box on the side with the text “emergency door release” written on it. This “Security bypass boxes” will let you through the door without an valid access pass.

If the physical security setup, and the security team have not been required to do compromises due to HSE requirements (e.g. emergency escape routes) or have been a sleep during the planning, this little green boxes will only allow your to get out from a security zone and not in. HOWEVER, as always compromises and mistakes are done and you will find that these little green “security bypass” boxes will grant you access into paces where an valid access pass should be to only way to get in.

Ah yes, its very nice that you have this super duper expensive physical access control system with electronic locks and encryption keys that have not yet been hacked, But why do you have these green boxes on each side of the door?


These little green boxes can (and should) be connected to an alarm system, triggering an alert when the button is pushed. And if the alerts are monitored a guard might be dispatched to check out what is going on.  But when you think about  the chance for multiple guards will come storming down the hallway as soon as you have triggered the green “security bypass box” will be rather small.  Its usually no room in the security budget for that to happen.

Remember to lock the door

a771d8983e149cccdf438779fc6bb4d2So what this little green box does, is that it will actually cut the power to the magnetic lock (same as what happens when the fire alarm is triggered) . This means that the door will remain unlocked after you have passed through it, something that will might raise suspicion and an increased risk that someone (hopefully) will report it.  This can easily be mitigated by using a small plastic reset tool (example in the picture to the left). By inserting this tool on the underside of the green box you will reset it to its original state and the door will be locked after you pass through. And its likely that the guards monitoring alerts will conclude that it was just another false alarm. Not sure where to get such a tool? well get a 3D printer and start creating all the little reset gadgets you need.

OBS – Remember to get a permission slipp

Note that if you wish to test this, you must make sure that you have obtained permission from the relevant stakeholders  (The landlord, the company that uses the office, the guard company  ++) If you don’t have that, this will be considered breaking and entry.

And.. DON’T TOUCH the red one, that can land you into all sorts of trouble (unless there is a real fire.